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Marks Valeting was established 2013 whilst still working full time! I always had a passion for cars, they were my hobby and over my driving life i have owned over 30 cars, from my first little 1977 950cc Fiesta, 1980 mk2 Escort, 1984 E30 Bmw.....more Bmw's...Fords, VW... through Subaru with imprezas and a forester, pick up trucks, many vans...and to my current X type jag, always been a member of some driver club somewhere!.

I started using a machine polisher back in 1997 whilst painting my E30, i just kept going! all my cars had my attention and this is what i bring to this present day, but now i share my passion.

Having quit my full time job of 22 years i slowly had to build my business from scratch. Using my car to start with (poor thing) after gaining more custom i then purchased a little van.... today the van has been replaced by another, i'm traveling further afield and gaining interest.  


The service i provide for every customer is to ensure i give 100% of my own pride and attention, using safe car wash methods.

This service should not be compared to your local quick £5 car wash...they are cheap for a reason. I will NOT pre wash your car in strong TFR and leave to dry in the sun, this is an acid based product with high cleaning ability's but at a cost of blemishing your alloy wheels and chrome trim as well as leaving your paintwork stained. Very high pressure jet washes will also clear off the dirt but damage the paint, dirty cloths and dirty water will cause swirls and dull the paint.


My method is a safe medium pressure wash rinse, non caustic pre-wash snow foam, snow foam PH neutral shampoo, 2 bucket method with a 3rd bucket for the wheels, final rinse and detail spray whilst drying with a thick microfibre towel. Many top valeters and detailers use this method. Some outlets and amatures use silicone blades!! ouch :(


My services extend out to Lorries, motorbikes, caravans, campervans, decking, tractors, farm machinery, vans, trucks, buses...... ect

Also regular valets for : www.bmcover.com / Car Body Repairs, Clacton on sea / RG Motorworx, Little bentley / Azure collection luxury holidays / Dedham vale tree surgery -     


Maintenance washes-mini valets-full valets-deep cleans-

paint correction-machine polishing-paint protection-scratch & scuff removal-engine bays-and more!




Marks Valeting

Mark kilburn

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